Pacers Track Records

Pacers Track Records | Goshen Historic Track

2 year old ColtThirty Two Red1:56.3June 29, 2001Ray Schnittker
2 year old GeldingGallo Blue Chip1:57.4June 30, 2006Ray Schnittker
2 year old FillyHayworth Blue Chip1:57.3July 2, 2011Ray Schnittker
Ladybeluckytonight1:57:3June 29, 2018Jordan Stratton
3 year old ColtSoto1:54.3July 3, 2015Andrew McCarthy
3 year old GeldingFlipper J1:52.4July 1, 2011Jason Bartlett
3 year old FillyMilky Way Rae1:53.4July 1, 2016Jim Morrill Jr.
Roll With Sparky1:53.4July 1, 2017Gregory Merton
4 year old HorseJustin Kin1:55July 5, 1992Herve Filion
4 year old GeldingB Smart1:59.1June 21, 2008Jordan Stratton
4 year old MareKayla Kan Too1:59.1June 16, 2007David Duspiva
Aged HorseKeystone Velocity1:53.4June 11, 2017Brandon Simpson
Aged GeldingSmarty Merit1:55.4June 6, 2010Ray Schnittker
Aged MareHot List1:54.4June 7, 2015Jason Bartlett
Aged Pacer Time TrialTassel Hanover2:01.2July 8, 1954M. Harriman
Under Saddle (World Record)Permanent Bromac N2:02.4July 5, 1999S. Hirst
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