Trotters Track Records

Trotters Track Records | Goshen Historic Track

2 year old ColtHere Comes Herbie2:00.3July 1, 2005Ray Schnittker
2 year old GeldingMargarita Man2:00.2July 2, 2009Ray Schnittker
2 year old FillyCheck out Trixie1:58.4June 29, 2018Ray Schnittker
3 year old ColtCassis 1:55.4July 2, 2010Ray Schnittker
3 year old GeldingKeenan1:58July 3, 2011Jeff Gregory
3 year old FillyFrisky Fergi1:59.1July 5, 2003Ray Schnittker
Stardust1:59.1July 2, 2006Gates Burnett
Princessofhollywd1:59.1July 6, 2008Stephane Bouchard
4 year old HorseMatt’s Memory2:00.3July 5, 1998Leila McIlmurray
4 year old GeldingBosak2:0i.4June 7, 2015Joe Chindano Jr.
4 year old MarePleasant Spur2:03.2July 3, 2009Scott Woogen
Aged HorseSpeedy Rodney1:58.4July 7, 1966Phil Corley
Aged GeldingGoalfish1:58July 3, 2005Mike Lachance
Starsaboveallerage1:58June 30, 2018Stephen Oldford
Aged MareMaury Mirage1:58.2July 4, 1999Howard Beissinger
Aged Trotter Time TrialGreyhound1:59.8July 16, 1937Sep Palin
Under Saddle (World Record)Keepin The Chips2:00.3July 1, 2012Jenny Melander
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